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Rambling Along, eh? Funnily enough that is what I myself seem to do an awful lot of the time but, unfortunately for me, not as well as this guy does it. The tag line is ‘musings from a muddled mind’ but the author is not as confused as he might have you believe.

The weblog itself is very well written, I think. The author admits that his grammar is not as good as his spelling, but both are still way above a good many blogs these days. Although it is a personal site, practically every post I read was very funny and so I just had to pop this one in the humour category. The first post was only in September 2003 but after reading the recent Christmas musings, I think I can safely say that this man has enough material in his everyday life to keep this standard going for quite a while!

The design is a clean and simple one provided, I suspect, in the form of a template from the hosts, Blog Drive. The advertising that makes this site free does not detract from the blog itself and the colour-scheme the author has chosen doesn’t detract from the writing either.

This is 100% pure blog with no unnecessary extras. The hosts do seem to provide a couple of nice features though and the tag board is a nice touch, but the archives are awkward to navigate if you are looking for something specific. I didn’t find this to be too much of a problem, however.

Although this site could, at some point in the future, benefit from a re-design, the one thing that makes it very good is already there – the writing. In the author’s own words “think of it as Bridget Jones meets Queer as Folk, only with less sex and more slapstick”. So far I think this description works quite well.Rambling Along

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