Review 2528

Your first impression of this blog is very good. As soon as it had completely loaded (which took only mere seconds), I was surprised by the design, as it’s a really rather unique design. One minor point though, the ads right at the top are really ugly. But for the rest it looks pretty nice.

Most of the entries are written in a humoristic way, mostly to amuse the reader, but also to prove a certain moral/point. The spelling is pretty good, although the lack of any paragraphs whatsoever may put you off from reading this blog.

However, this shouldn’t stop you from reading this blog. It contains some very entertaining stories that’ll get a guaranteed chuckle out of you.

Like I said before, the design is a very unique one. I’ve never seen it before on any other blogs, so it must be a custom one. The only down-side of the design is the side-bar (right). At certain points it’s a bit crowded, and certain images give it a very amateur look.

All the links seem to work, and the archive links also function correctly. One minor thing; there seems to be a refresh every xx seconds, and this is quite distracting, especially when you’re a really focusing on the entries.Overall, I’d say the design is very nicely done, and some work has obviously been put into it.

In conclusion, I’d like the say this blog is very nicely done, and definitely worth reading. If you need to extend your blogroll, I suggest you add this blog right now. You won’t regret it.Rambling Along

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