Review 2516

Before I even clicked on the link to do this review, I was worried. Any blog that obviously promotes or preaches anything is always a bit much to deal with. ChristWeb is a Christian blog, but also deals with political issues as well as random personal thoughts. I will tell you it is very very difficult for someone with strong convictions on things like race, religion, language or sexual preference, it is hard to read the entire thing with a completely open mind.

Regardless of my opinion on the ideas being written, the writing itself is fantastic. The authour is obviously intelligent and does put a fair amount of effort into his writing, as well as research as he often has several things to back up his points. There is no real audience intended, but I think mainly people with the same ideas are following – as comment boards aren’t overflowing with arguments.

ChristWeb’s red and black layout is catchy, but not distracting from the content. The links all work, most to blogs the reader himself enjoys. There are many posts relating to a King Of Blogs contest, which I was unable to figure out, but congratulations on winning all the same.

Overall, the site was well written, and had some very interesting views on things. A lot of people will enjoy reading this, but again I give my warning. Strong opinions on things may be faced with a complete 180. If you can’t read another view point without getting pretty angry, some posts are not going to be for you.ChristWeb