Review 2312

My first review, and it’s of a site belonging to a fellow reviewer. No pressure, right?

My initial impression of ODAAT – One Day at a Time was good. Very good. The layout is crisp, fresh, uncluttered and clean. I didn’t have any particular expectation of what lay ahead, here, but I must say I really enjoyed what I did find.

I started out reading about the author in the ‘me, me, me’ section. I like the fact that it was quite open and honest. The author is now in Alcoholics Anonymous after having battled with alcohol since the age of 16. I, myself, had the same problem, and I felt an instant connection to the author because of this. Also, the author lives in England, which I found to be quite interesting.

This blog has been in existence for just over a year, and having gone back to the very first posts, I was pleasantly surprised to find they are of the same high-quality writing as the newest posts. The topics covered range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some are rather personal, some funny, some political – all just as interesting and well laid out as the other. What I found especially nice, is how the author seems to speak to only you. It’s not phrased as if he is speaking to a large audience. I get the feeling that he would say the same things, in the same manner, if he were sitting across from me at a coffee shop. I found that this style of writing helped me to really feel as though I were getting to know him, and not just reading about him.

As I mentioned, the design of this site is crisp. It’s not at all a cluttered mess as some blogs can be, and I was easily able to navigate my way around. The font is quite legible, and the colours are rather pleasing and easy to look at for a long period of time.

I enjoyed perusing the pictures section. I was quite interested in seeing pictures of Bristol, as I once had a friend who originated from there. It’s a lovely looking place. We’re treated to an adorable picture of guinea pigs, and to some wonderful pictures of his sisters wedding. I’m going to have to check back often for pictures of the author’s tattoo to be posted, as he mentioned on February 3rd, he would do once it was healed.

I found the added features of the ‘My Books’ and ‘My Albums’ to be a really nice touch. The author obviously has a knack for giving reviews, and extends it to his personal reading and listening interests. There’s also the option of skinning the site, which I admittedly played around with quite a bit. The frog skin is absolutely adorable, and there’s even a [Finding] Nemo skin, which made my day.

All in all, I have to say that this blog was a very enjoyable review. I’m more than pleased to have lucked out with this site, as it was an absolute pleasure to poke around in. In fact, I loved this site to much I’ll be adding it to my own blogroll, so I can stop in on a daily basis. Anyone who enjoys a good read about varying subjects by a personable fellow would enjoy this blog.

ODAAT- one day at a time