Review 2515

The first thing I must do is warn the would-be reader about the contents of this site. It’s marked as adult not because there’s a chance of seeing someone leather clad with chains and whips, but because the subject matter happens to be about illegal drugs and their affectiveness to the writer. While most of the site is written very techincally, like a pharmicalogist, there are a lot of details about drugs, their effects, and/or their uses.

As a would-be web designer the first thing that always catches my attention just so happens to be the colors of the blog. The design, the look and the feel of a blog. All too often I find “diamonds in the rough” and other times I find garbage amongst gold. I can’t help but be drawn to this particular blog given that when it first loaded to the green pill. I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into, but I had to read on to find out. I can’t help but be somewhat interested in the content of this particular blog, because the pill just happened to be an “ecstasy” pill.

Veritas, the author, admits that he has a problem with certain kinds of drugs. He makes no admission to who he is, however, and that he is not the same person that hosts the site. In spite of the topic of this blog there are a lot of resourses that are provided to the reader. Links to various law sites stating specifics on drug use and posession. There are also a lot of caution statements and disclaimers for the reader to understand that there are consequences to the actions that he has chosen. I can’t however seem to get away from the fact that there is a wealth of knowledge to be found on this site that simply cannot be found elsewhere. I found myself reading entry after entry about different kinds of drugs and the effects of those drugs to the author. Some particular drugs are more potent than others, and for me, this is interesting to learn about. The entries do read very similar to medical records of sorts, and some of the terminology is tough to understand. However, the entries are also very informative, even for someone who doesn’t ever want to experiment with them.

As I said before, the design is very simple, but for the subject matter Veritas doesn’t really need to have anything over the top. The blog is definately much more effective with it’s simple design. You can read a little more about the author and his kind host in the various about me pages spread out between this site and another. You can search the site for a specific drug if you so choose, but otherwise, the extras are almost nil as well.

There’s not a whole lot besides information on drugs on this blog, and for some strange reason I found it oddly interesting. I couldn’t help but read through all the various things I’m sure my sister has tried any number of times. This is a blog focused on a certain subject, so you won’t find much by way of personal information, and definately nothing that might be incriminating. I enjoyed the site because of the amount of details that were available, however this might not be everyone’s cup of

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