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My first impression of “Red Ted Keeps a Diary” was that it was well thought out and easy to manage. I wasn’t too happy to see how small the scroll bar was, indicating that site wasn’t split into smaller divisions and more into large chunks, which can be hard to read. The colors were basic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I was impressed to find that, even though it was a blogspot, it didn’t have your general template. He obviously worked on it to make it better, which earns him brownie points.

Eeek! After reading six days of posts I was pooped. Although Edward has some very interesting things to say, I found that nearly all his thoughts were written in an essay form! I pushed my way through these six days and found that I knew the author’s point of view quite well. He writes what he thinks, regardless of what people might think of him after he hits the “Post” button. He obviously puts a lot of thought into what he is writing and directs his attention at a very mature group of scholars. This is expected, though, because he is a history professor after all.

His presentation is a simple red, black, and white layout with links scattered down the sides. There is nothing particularly impressive about his template other than the fact that it isn’t a usual blogspot template. That’s about it. I think I would suggest adding some color, just to liven it up a little bit.

His links on the right side of his blog are rather impressive. He has a long list of different books and even the week’s coffee! I think that this adds to the experience because even if you aren’t interested in his blogs, you can definitely check out the sites he’s linked in his blog.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that anyone under the age of 30 wouldn’t appreciate this blog as much as an older, more mature audience would. Be prepared to be reading a lot if you visit this site, however, but all the information there is self-produced and very thoughtful. The template is common, though the thought isn’t.
Red Ted Keeps a Diary

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