Review 2461

‘Egasm 4 u’ as a name conjured all sorts of possible images in my mind about what to expect before I arrived at the site, but not one of them really fitted the bill. I really was expecting something more of a light hearted romp than something which is more spiritually inspired.

The site design is a straight forward typepad two column layout with linkage down the left hand side. There is an interesting ‘About Me’ section containing a brief biography, a list of interests and methods by which readers can contact her.

Initially I believed that this was a fairly young blog with archives going back only as far as August, (in effect only three months) but from the first introductory post I realised that the author had actually discovered an interest in blogging back in May and had managed her blog via blogger Blogspot, the archives of which have not been transferred over, but are linked to in the authors introductory post back in August.

The author’s bio in itself is captivating, describing herself as a “mom, priestess, healer & Orgasmic Living! Diva” I immediately had hopes that this is a lady who could offer the blogging world a real insight into her life. She has a wide variety of interests including two of my personal obsessions poetry and independent filmmaking, and I was hoping this would influence the content of her blog. I’m not really sure she achieved this but her content is an interesting mix of art and poetry, amidst posts of a personal or spiritual nature. There are some beautiful examples of artwork and photography from various artists. While her posts have a tendency to be short they are beautifully descriptive and well written. A talent for words is always appealing in a blogger but I really believe this blog could be more; it has potential if only the owner were to explore her interests here in greater depth. I would have liked to hear more about the owner’s beliefs, as this is a chain of thought I myself am unfamiliar with.

The design of the site, based on a typepad template doesn’t really do the weblog justice, although it is easy to navigate, quick loading and kind on the eyes. Although I realise that the site owner is not technically minded, a point she makes early in the weblogs archives, some amendments to the design inspired by her beliefs and the sites contents could really add an element of interest here by adding a little touch of individuality.

Initially I was a little perplexed about the author’s use of a cloaking URL because the original URL is not all that long. This I believe can be mildly irritating to a blog reader, as they make direct linking to individual posts especially difficult. They are in my opinion pointless unless your URL extends beyond the address bar on the readers browser!

All in all, I believe this blog has some real potential. The content at present is of a good mix, but doesn’t really go as far as it could do. With her interests and her obvious knowledge this author could really offer the blogging world a unique slant of her own that would be fascinating. Although I firmly believe her present audience is limited to those who share her interests at present this blog has real potential. It’s still a relatively young blog, but the owner has a clear voice in her postings, if she were to explore her interests further I am sure that her readership would grow.

eGasms 4 U