Review 2405

I’m sorry, but can’t anyone do something original with the movable type template? I know, a little harsh, but sometimes it’s really hard to have to look at the same style blog over and over again, with a few different colors changed around. Often it just feels as though there’s too much distraction with the sidebars that the content is missed. But, content is the question here… so moving on.

The early archives are rather sparse, but interesting. His first “public” entry is about being a twin and how he responds to the questions he gets asked when with his brother. It’s a funny twist on human stupidity, but shows that he’s a good sport with having to deal with the questions that are often asked, dumbly. He has a great sense of humor. When you read his July 4th entry, you’ll find yourself wishing you had done what he requested. His entries are filled with emotion when he touches on subjects like religion, citizenship, and politics. His entries can often be short and to the point, but they tend to lack the meatier part that draws people into visiting again and again. When, on occasion, the author does get to the nitty gritty, you’re compelled to read every word, wondering what brilliant thing he’ll say next (July 20th).

As I stated above, the design is plain. It’s almost like the generic layout that movable type gives you when you install the blogging system on your web server. I can’t seem to stress enough that there are infinite ways to design a blot. When I visited this author’s actual site, I loved it! If only he could’ve incorporated some of that design with the blog it would be a much more pleasant read.

This author shares a lot of really good links, especially pertaining to politics. He has a lot of outgoing links to some things interesting, some things interesting to the author, and others just for fun. I have yet to see a “deskcam” which allows the viewers to see his desktop. He also has the “escape” link on his site, which, honestly is a good thing when reading or blogging at work. Otherwise this blog is very similar to so many others.

This blog is new to the community of blogging, and while there weren’t thousands of entries for me to read, the ones I did read were quite interesting. The overall feel of this blog is leaning more towards his political viewpoints rather than much else. I can’t help but not like the look of the blog, or even wish there was just a little bit more on the shorter entries. In the end, it’s a blog I’d visit once in awhile for curiosity’s sake, but probably not daily.All About James – The Forum