Review 2402

The great thing about user submitted categories is that I have a little bit more of a clue when someone submits their site. Post-nuclear Art was submitted as a Photography blog, so I knew I was in for a nice change of pace with this photoblog.

On the front page we have numerous posts with pictures and some text about the photos. These captions are nice as they set the mood for the pictures. If you click on the picture you are taken to a directory of more pictures (more on this later). The pictures range from people to buildings to items and well you get the idea. Everything maybe photographed.

The nice part about some photoblogs is they tell a story. Be it the growth of a child, or just a specific set of things. Unfortunately this site did not seem to tell a story, and was merely just a place for the owner to show off some of his work.

The best part of the site has to be the galleries at the top of the page. Some of these are standard pictures, others have been photoshoped to combine images, and others just have some tweaks with them. My personal favorite was the post nuclear art section. Absolutely amazing pictures. The nice part about these galleries is the owner actually uses a script so you can go through all the images by clicking a previous or next link.

The downside to this site is that almost all of the current picture galleries (on the front page) take you to an open directory. This is bad for a lot of reasons which I won’t get into. I did not like having to click each image link to see it, without having a description. After 10 posts of having to do this I started to get annoyed. You have the script for your other galleries; why not use it for these? Also I know the author is familiar with Photoshop and they have a nice export gallery feature he could use.

While surfing through the archives, the earlier posts did not have any pictures in them and instead were actual posts. Granted they were about photography and the like, but they were still a nice touch. The owner needs to check his archive links because I found a lot of dead links. This was rather disappointing as I was curious as to what else the site had.

A very nice touch to the site is the images under the “What” section of the site. I found this to be a nice set of pictures, most of which told a small story. At first I thought they were going to be just small articles he had written for the site, but was pleased when I found pictures to go along with the stories.

Overall we have a photoblog that seems to be there to show off the owners work. I wish there was an about section so I could learn more about the person behind the camera as I think that would help bring the readers closer to the artist. Fixing the problems with the open directories is a must do, even if it is just from a security point of view. If you want to see some very interesting images, and are looking for another photoblog then you should check this site out.
Post-nuclear Art