Review 2397

Poignantly poetic, this blog definitely has more than a fair share of real-life drama. Though the author gave no personal details, you can discern most of Pamela’s unhappy background through her entries. She mainly writes about self-discovery, and her more recent entries were centred towards her emotions towards her mother (who is in jail for fraud). Her words are phrased beautifully, though you can tell that Pamela IS rather jaded about life.

The first thing which struck me was the colour-scheme and title of the blog. “my moon turned into a bright red star” certainly brought to mind a recent widely publicised astronomical event. I liked the title. It was simple gave hints regarding the content of the blog, and the real inspiration behind the title is probably this short passage taken from the very first entry, “A couple months later I turned 19. My sister sent me a bright red star lantern that made my room into an opium den.”

The colour scheme is a clean mix of orange and different hues of grey. I liked that there aren’t too many colours involved, but I wouldn’t really recommend that orange words be used on a greyish background. I had to take a closer look to read the words properly.

There aren’t that many entries to read as the first few months in the archives were pretty much limited to a max of 3 entries. Then Pamela took 3 breaks from blogging and came back in July with longer and more regular entries. The blog hasn’t been updated since 26 August, but that could be due to the fact that the author’s away (no reason stated though).

Overall, I would say that this blog is simple to read and offers a rather deep insight into the author’s thoughts. If Pamela was to keep writing, you can be sure that I would be there to read.
my moon turned into a bright red star