Review 2402

Hmm! thought I after arriving at Post-Nuclear Art. Lots of colour, well-organized content and an interesting layout…it looks so easy!

As someone who enjoys photography (both 35mm and digital) I enjoy photoblogs. Post-Nuclear Art (PNA) was certainly chalked full of cool pics… and hey there is a blog too.

The photos first though… The photographer takes a lot black and white shots which I think is great. B&W for me, has an elegance and grace which is evident in many of Jeff’s photos. In particular I liked: ‘Tourists’ ‘Erin Figure Study’ (grin – curious all the ‘people he fancies’ are good looking women 😛 :D), all of the post-nuclear section, with the merged pics… very interesting stuff. Jeff’s ‘the chick magnet’ series is also very cute.

The blog is usually based on the photo series for the entry. In one entry Jeff mentions this piece of wonderful honesty regarding the cameras he uses:

‘NIKON COOLPIX 995 DIGITAL : Improved my photography overnight- solely due to “the more you shoot, the better chance you’ll get something good”

My one complaint is the photo sets could use some organization and a cleaner delivery. Most photo sets from the blog are simply a directory listing of the images… Ho-hum, bleck! Such as (which is one of my favs… mmm Halloween….)

There are so many great photo sets. You best come see for yourself. A great photoblog site ‘fer sure.
Post-nuclear Art