Review 2394

Being a bloke, I approached this weblog with some caution as the title inferred that it may be rather girlie. However, I tried to enter the site with an open mind and hoped to find some decent content. The first thing that struck me was PINK. Yes folks, the writing is pink. I thought perhaps the page hadn’t finished loading properly, but alas no.

The template itself is fairly minimalist and is presumably a standard Blogger one. A picture wasn’t working in the top right hand corner and the sidebar contained various other other paraphernalia, some useful, some not so. There was some autobiographical stuff contained within this- the 100 things about me being the most interesting and informative, though rather a lot of information to plough through. The author is also keen on the Five Questions on a Friday thing which has a separate page devoted to it (different template too) which I personally reckon is a rather lazy way of blogging. Also, the questions tend to be extremely banal at times.

To her credit, the author is a fairly prolific blogger- the archives could be found buried away amongst the other links in the sidebar and go back to March 2003, with most weeks containing quite a few entries. Unfortunately there seems to be a coding problem on the archives pages though so I tried to ignore the two lines of code at the top of each page.

So far I have avoided what the author has actually written about, and this may be because I am subconsciously trying to avoid sounding like a chauvinistic arrogant male. Anyway, a few deep breaths, and here goes. I personally didn’t find the content very erm… deep. There were a few generally comedic links to other sites, a few quotes about philosophy and the like and quite a few comments about the referrers she had had to her site (nearly all relating to relationships). She also had quite a lot of biographical information and observations about relationships, though I could find little about her relationship specifically and she seemed keener on simply giving everyone else advice. Quite a few photos were contained in the site and blog itself, showing the author and her friends, more often than not out clubbing/drinking.

Yes, this is a fun personal weblog and I don’t want to run Mel down too much- I am sure her and her friends get a lot of fun from the site, which is what weblogging is all about really. Whether there is much here to sustain a wider readership though is debatable. The template and site generally could do with a fair bit of work too- if people spent fewer hours finding nonsense to put in their sidebar and more time making their site look attractive or working a bit harder on their content, then it would make my job a lot more enjoyable.

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