Review 2359

Well, when I first arrived at I thought I was in for a treat. It hat great graphics, flash animations, very nifty eye candy. It had clean, crisp layout with nice bright colors. Then I started looking for the weblog section.

Content? Where? I really have yet to find some serious content. Any site I can read in less than ten minutes is not a weblog. What he does say is somewhat intriguing. Somewhat being the key word. All or most of his posts seem to have little or no relevance to anything important. Many posts are just about random pictures he has made or an animation he had made, Martian vs. Cow, which happened to be top 7 on has a total lack of any real edge-of-your-seat content.

The design was one high point. Great effects and nice molding of flash make this a decent looking website. Although black and green has become slightly overused in my most humble opinion after the release of the XBOX, he makes it look good and flow rather well. Perhaps less time designing and more time writing some content is needed.

One thing I do like about the site is his pictures and a part he names “splash screens,” or the main image/animation on the main page. He also has a very funny animation Martian versus Cow. It itself isn’t funny; the fact that somehow it made top 7 on Lycos is funny. I thought it was just about as humorous as a box of rocks.

Well, rules at TWR state that I cannot give a rank higher than 2.0 due to the fact that this site has no archives or an amount of posts that would warrant such a section. Also, my handy “reviewer’s guide” tells me I shouldn’t give it a 0.0 because I was not urged to vomit during the review. So I give it a 1.0 or as my reviewers guide says “1 – The site is really bad, but has one or two good things about it.” Stated rather simply this site is bad, it does have its pictures and its nice graphics, but a weblog needs content. This site is in dire need of content worth reading.