Review 2390

Bored But Busy I didn’t know what to expect with this site before I went there, so I kept an open mind. Upon entering I see a design with some old shoes, and it mostly black. I immediately thought, “Wow this site is going to suck. I bet it will be one of those read me and feel sorry for me sites.” Man, I was completely wrong.

The weblog itself is very well written. This is a good thing as it really makes the blog more readable. The posts are completely random as in they deal with whatever the author wants to post about. These range from her husband, to movies, to politics, to funny stories, to well, pretty much anything.

But the gem of the posts don’t lie in the topics, more so the presentation of them. Just in reading the first months archives I literally laughed very loud. I am sure if I was actually at work, I would have gotten the entire office’s attention from my laughter. The author is very smart, and she knows what she is doing.

Back to the design for a bit. We have the picture of the old shoes and the black background covered. The weblog uses a pretty standard layout, and I think it might just be a modification of a template, but I could be wrong. There are plenty of ways to access the archives which is a good thing.

It is very rare that I would give out a 5 for a weblog. But with Bored But Busy, it was a no brainer. The author is original, writes very well, and has amazing content. I honestly can say that this is a site I will probably read on a daily basis.
Bored But Busy