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I always wonder what a site is going to be about when it is simply titled using the author’s name. When I landed upon Trent Adams (dot) com, I knew right away what the site was going to be about. A huge guitar called out to me, and I knew I was going to be reading about music.

While I’m a big music fan, I don’t know too much about guitar. However, the writing style that Trent demonstrates is fantastic. Every post is well thought out and informative. The author is truly interested in what his readers want, and helps them out anyway he can with new information. I took note that he takes requests on both tabs and lyrics.

I immediately fell in love with the design of this site. It looks really crisp and organized. The guitar in the background is definitely a plus, especially because it gives the reader a clue as to what the website is about. The archives are easily accessible and I found no errors in any part of this website, only excellence.

There are many bonus features to this site. There is a section about song lyrics as well as a section about guitar tabs, for those who play. The author also has a background page telling about him and his love of music. This is one of the few blogs that I have seen completely dedicated to the guitar and music, and that makes it unique.

While this wouldn’t be a site I would read everyday, I believe it would be a good site for a music enthusiast to read, especially those who play the guitar. This blog is aimed at musicians, not the average blog reader.Trent’s Music Heaven

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