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SKOB (Some Kind of Bliss) is crispy and best served with a nice glass of slightly chilled grape juice. It has a clean layout and a clear purpose – to disclose the life of this guy nicknamed SKOB. It is full of thoughts, musings, questions and teachings about life. For example, “bring a friend when protesting. Standing by yourself is a drag, even when you are surrounded by like-minded people.”

SKOB, the author and subject of this autobiographical and daily slice of existence is written with the usual cool candor of a journalist. This may have something to do with the author’s journalism background. Everything you would expect to find in a well-written expose or investigative journalistic piece are presented here. SKOB, as author, uses an interestingly detached perspective to discuss the current events of his own daily life.

This ‘blogs gimmick is participating semi-regularly in One Word. Featuring the 60-second ramblings and musings on a single word. Every now and then, about once a week, you can expect SKOB to wax poetic on a single word. Sometimes it’s interesting.

SKOB, the author, spends most of his time discussing political and environmental issues as they relate to his own personal activism. There is the usual journalistic candor behind every post which makes it an informative and well written ‘blog. The ideas and concepts behind the issues are well presented, as are the facts. In fact, there is something quite applaudable in SKOB’s economical ability to present information.

As clean and as crisp a design as this site has it only further proves that presentation is a mode of content. The content is as crisp and clean as the layout, both notably lacking that one thing any truly great work of word play may possess – ethos. A writers ability to convey upon their readership a perspective of suffering and passion within the characters presented is what drives the exhibitionistic tendencies online journal readers thrive on. I would simply ask for more commentary on the condition of being SKOB rather then a precisely written highlight reel of what SKOB did and/or does. What little self dialogue that is included is always well observed and tastefully written. I am asking for more because it makes the experience of reading a journal that much more personal.

Some Kind of Bliss is a good reference for those just starting out as a blog or online journal writer. There is plenty of style and authority to be found in every sentence making it an excellent resource of what to do. The basics of journal writing are covered quite well. Keep an especially close eye on the topics he chooses and the form of his writing. SKOB certainly has a well defined voice and something to say on every topic he’s chosen so far.

Some Kind of Bliss

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