Review 2316

“A Little Bit of Lisa” – I figure you can’t get more self explanatory about a personal weblog than that. I can certainly appreciate getting right to the point of a title and not leaving everyone guessing what they’ll be reading about.

Naturally, the first thing I noticed when loading the site was the layout. The image of a rubber duck and the use of different hues of yellow give the site a fun appearance, and the colors are also very easy on the eyes. The main focus of the site, naturally the weblog, can be found directly underneath the rubber duck image. A good chunk of information about the author can be found along the right hand side of the weblog – information about the author, the archives listed in both by month and by category, stats on the weblog itself and MANY more things to check out upon visiting.

The archives for April had a line or two of coding that may have been a little off, causing the majority of the entries for that month to be difficult to read, but the rest of the monthly archives were all uniform in design and just matched up perfectly. I was met with “403 Forbidden” screens a few times when following some of the links along the sidebar, but I’m assuming that has something to do with the “moving in” process to a new domain.

“A Little Bit of Lisa” has been around, as far as the archives indicate, only since January of 2003. Already in that time period, it’s switched from a Blog*Spot location to a new domain/location:

Depsite over five months of entries, the time I spent reading all the archives seemed to just fly by. A good chunk of the entries are that of the standard weblog “fillers”: Friday Fives, Saturday Scruples, and a few various quizzes. Thrown in with those entries, you find personal tidbits of Lisa’s daily life. A very personal type of entry that I really enjoyed were the different entries where Lisa listed five things she loved about her husband, Ben.

Lisa is a regular person just like you or me, and her weblog reflects that. She talks about every day topics that any one of us could experience. For that reason, “A Little Bit of Lisa” is a good weblog to check out if you’re looking for a personal site to add to your list of daily reads.

A Little Bit Of Lisa