Review 2315

I had no idea what I was going to be reading when I clicked on the title “Marley’s Ghost” – maybe it’d be a shrine to Bob Marley, or maybe it’d be some type of a ghost story posting place. As it turns out, “Marley’s Ghost” is a weblog that I’m glad I didn’t miss out on. It’s definitely one I’ve already bookmarked and plan on visiting regularly.

The layout of “Marley’s Ghost” certainly defines simplicity at its finest. Links to other various portions of the site (about the author, outside links, a disclaimer, etc.) shoot down the left side, and all of the daily updates run right down the middle. The color choice of black, gray, and white continue to exemplify Marley’s attempt at keeping everything simple as can be. Or from what he says, he just uses these colors because he likes them. Either way works for the site, and works for making the site easy on the eyes.

Taking a line from Marley’s “about” section: “… it’s more about content than presentation …”, and the content isn’t anything to blow off in this weblog. There’s no consistency in what topic is going to be touched on from day to day, but that makes this site fun to visit and more importantly, fun to read. He’s entertaining and he writes in a manner that’s easy to follow. The thing that makes this weblog truly personal is the way you can tell Marley’s not writing for anyone else; he’s just writing to write.

One of favorite posts was Marley’s comparison of starting his blogging ritual at the age of 26 to a scene from a Keanu Reeves movie. And I found an amazing new pick-up line in yet another one of Marley’s earliest posts: “”Say, is that a keg in your pants? Because I sure would like to tap that ass!” From reality TV shows to current events, and from religion to whatever topics he can touch on to make the day go by faster while at work, Marley’s an entertaining writer.

You don’t find your typical “this-is-what-I-did-today” posts here as often as you do on other weblogs, but you don’t find the author harping on the same worn out news topic day in and day out either. Marley mixes his entries like a bartender mixing drinks. Most of them are just right. Every so often you’ll find an entry that makes you laugh a little more and feel a little bit better, just like a screwdriver with Tang instead of orange juice. Variety is good, and it guarantees that readers won’t get tired of coming back to a site like this.Marley’s Ghost.