Review 2293

Ah, gray, white and black, my favorite combination. A nice, attention-grabbing name too: brainrazor. From all appearances, this is a promising site.

And it is a site that tries to be promising. This is fairly apparent from the writing style of netshade, site owner (presumably). The tone is pompous, with ‘big’ words thrown in. The occasional flowery ‘doth’ doth come in too. The average reader used to most journals’ casual tone might need a little readjustment, but once you get used to netshade you’ll find that his entries are often funny and insightful.

The disappointment is that we know squat about netshade him/herself (my guess – it’s a he). No background information, no stats, not even a name. Perhaps netshade can do something about that. Also, the links section is a little messy, what with them not being in alphabetical or categorical order. Too many frames in one page is also sometimes a hindrance.

However, if you have the time, I’m sure you’ll delight yourself going through the various random links and images on the page. The reader participation is quite cosy too.

The verdict: this is a site that is so much more fun if you are a friend of the site owner. Which is why you should go over there and make friends with netshade.brainrazor

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