Review 2279

I immediately liked the look of as it opened. Some very nice rotating pictures on the top made me think that the blog would be much more personal and not so friendly to an outside reader. I realized my mistake after reading the first few posts. is a very entertaining blog, with varied posts, many with photographs that help to make the reading easy and enjoyable. The author is not any sort of poet, and he doesn’t intend to be one. Posts are direct, clear, and not in any case badly written.

Although many posts make reference to web related things, others are closer to the personal front. And the good thing is that these personal posts do not drive a new reader away, instead, they are always interesting even if you still don’t know who each person mentioned there actually is.

This last point brings one of the highlights of This is, a complete cast list, including pictures and brief descriptions. This is a great help for a new reader that’s just entering the world of Azarok.

The design is simple, and the site doesn’t seem to require much more. The colors are well chosen and the design works well with the site. has other goodies. Many web games that are actually fun are available, tons of photos, jokes and more. Another high point is that the posts are not only ordered chronologically, but also by category.

The thing that could really use is some more reader comments. Many of the posts deserve feedback and there’s almost none. So take some time to visit the various sections of and you’ll probably find yourself enjoying most of the time you spend

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