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After having read this blog on and off over the last few days and having no clue as to where the title’s name derives from, I finally discovered that the name, Azarok is the name of the character A. J. (the writer) created to play the game EverQuest. Hm … sometimes you just need to probe a bit more in a site to find out what you need.

Now that the mystery of the title has been solved, who is this A.J? A.J. who is also known as “Teefies,” “Big Sexy the Giant Killer,” and “Little Dancin’ Buddah,” resides in the city of Dallas, Texas. He’s currently living with his fiancée, Michelle and their five “gatos” as he refers to them and enjoys hanging out with his fiancée and his friends.

On to the blog we go!

A.J. in the last month or so has been keeping his readers notified of website’s updates since he’s been changing his layout. I found his blog so-so overall. He mostly writes about his weekends, little events he’s going to such as birthdays and comedy nights, etc. I liked though that sometimes he posts pictures with his entries because it gives more of a visual sense of his life. I particularly liked some of his more lengthy posts, such as one in January where he discussed gays in the mainstream and another post in December entitled, “Time to stir things up a bit” which I’ll let you go read for yourself. His site read okay, but some of his posts could go through a little editing so the words flow a bit easier.

Other areas of the site are links to other blogs, a bio with info and pictures of friends, a bunch of photo albums, jokes and reviews of comedians and a media section containing games, music and little movies. I found though there was a bit too much “extra” stuff on this site.

The layout’s pretty simple. I like the blue title graphic and how the image on the left hand side changes. The pictures give you a sneak peak at A.J’s life and also what to expect if you check out the photo album.

I didn’t find anything that really set this blog apart from the many I’ve read. If anything, this site gives the reader insight into A.J’s life and what he enjoys doing apart from his time spent online.

I give it a rating of 3.

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