Review 2247

Blanksblog right away gave me the impression of being the home of a new blogger, and it is, but that doesn’t imply anything bad at all.

Being a relatively new weblog, the first post written in february, it can be difficult to realize where Blanksblog is aiming. But it is clear that the writer has already learned an important lesson. Some of the first posts are just too long even if they are still good, but the newer ones really show an improvement in lenght and quality.

The design is a standard template from, but it’s still one of the best standard templates to use while starting a blog. It allows easy and clear reading while providing a nice and ordered space for links and extras.

Music is important to the author and it should probably play a bigger part in this blog. The purpose of the site is sometimes lost amidst random postings that are many times smart and entertaining, but there never seems to be a sense of unity in the blog.

This is a blog that still needs work, but it’s clearly getting better and learning from it’s mistakes. It’s still and average site, but the writer has the potential to turn this into a really interesting place in the future.blanksblog

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