Review 2246

Violating my own vows, I will start this review off with a look at design and layout. Not because its captivating presence, but because it’s easy to do. A standard Blogger template, listlessly adapted to sport two links and the obligatory ‘send me email’ line surrounds the content this author offers. I’d love to tell you more about him or her, but I searched in vain for any explanatory page with some background on it.

While I was at it, I started at entry one, posted just about half a year ago, and worked my way forward. Most entries are prosaic, lyrical, entries, none of which I could catch attempting to rhyme or make sense in the analytical meaning of the word. That is, I guess, what art is all about – not everyone gets it. I, and the people I showed Realysis to, are part of the crowd that simply did not get it.

The individual postings remind me of the drug and alcohol induced prose, some of my college roommates produced on a semi-regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, though – most of the great artists we study in school and admire in our homes, wrote and painted under the influence.

This particular site you’ll have to experience yourself. Click a random archived entry and you will either love the author’s style or feel nothing at all. Graphical design, content presentation, and archive management are Blogger standard, comments or RSS feeds are most likely somewhere near the author’s “About me” page.

Verdict: I’m sure this weblog has its fan base, its usefulness for broader consumption, however, is questionable.Realysis

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