Review 2242

Narcolepsy has a cover. And that helped me realize that reading Narcolepsy is much more like reading a book than a weblog.

And it is extremely well written. Each and every post is interesting in it’s own way. Reading through the life of Yz is addictive. Everything seems to fit nicely in this blog. Yz is an excellent, and naturally gifted writer. Her posts are never too complicated or too long. They seem just right.

Lately Yz has added the possibility to comment on entries which is always interesting, but in this particular blog it really doesn’t feel necessary. Everything you’d want to read is already there, posted by the author.

Narcolepsy’s design is very good. An organized look is accomplished without using any type of dividing lines. The color and the graphics really add to the whole site. Clearly the strongest feature of this site is the quality of the writing, but the design keeps up the pace very well.

The nicely done archives give Narcolepsy an even stronger book feeling. Each post is like a chapter, but they can be read in any order and a reader will still get to know the writer.

Narcolepsy is an excellent blog, so take some time, and open the cover, you probably won’t be able to put it down for quite a while.


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