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He comes to us every few years, creates lots of stir in the media, and disappears back into oblivion after a while. Opinions are widely different, ask three average people on the street, and each one has a different outlook on him. No, I am not talking about El Ninio, I’m speaking about Michael Jackson.

Current controversies, falsified reports, babies dangling over German balconies, and all the other things aside, Jacko has never really left us. If not in chipped juke-boxes all over the land playing “Thriller”, we find his spirit on this weblog, called MJ News.

It’s all about Michael Jackson, and the layout proves it. Lots of graphics made download times a major issue for yours truly’s review, and had it not been for the mostly exceptional content I’d have left the site alone, never to return again.

Luckily I did not, and discovered a wealth of information, news-bits, and opinion, able to make even my hardened, Iron-Maiden-loving, Metal-album-touting, heart feel for Jacko. Speaking about news-bits – those, together with other clippings, make for a large amount of content on MJNews. Some may prefer to use news search engines, but for Jackson fans out there, this blog is a great resource.

Speaking about Blog. Purists may already gather outside my house waving “ye mighty pitchfork” at me for calling this website a blog. It’s not. Well, not fully, at least. Besides the blog content, we also find discussion forums, a mailing list, and polls at MJNews. Microcontent publishing goes digital community, and pretty well executed at that.

Michael Jackson fans of the world unite – and MJNews might just be the place to do so.MJ News

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