Review 2233

As I first entered the realm of Stacey George, I took a deep breath. At first glance, looked like everything that a good blog should not. The layout was boring, almost corporate. The first post was taken directly from The Friday Five. You catch my drift.

Yet I am glad I stuck around to read the rest of the site. Stacey George’s posts are personal, tracking the daily events that go on in her life. We read about how her son is sick, what she thought of the Grammys, and how there is no runnning water. These posts only seem to skim the surface of her life. To make up for it, however, Stacey George has a subtle sense of humor that will make you laugh out loud when you least expect it. She also is a wonderful photographer, often including shots of her day in her posts.

The overall design is composed of a simple forest green/black/white montage, easily readable and as mentioned before, easily boring. Perhaps the reason for this is that she includes her resume on the same site, and so wants to maintain a professional aura. My suggestion would be to seperate the two. You cannot have true freedom expressing yourself when you are tied down by corporate expectations.

The blog, however, is also home to some great artwork, all courtesy of Stacey George. There are illustrations, pages from her sketchbook, and photographs she has taken. If nothing else, visit these sections of the site. They’re well worth it.

To sum this up, I believe has the potential to become a great blog. The style of the writing and of the site itself needs some work, but as Stacey says herself:

Wake up, eat, do your job, come home, eat, be with people you love, get enough sleep, do it again. That’s all there is to it. The rest is drama we create.

I’ll be looking forward to some repeat visits.Stacey George

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