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I am pretty sure there’s a website out there, that shows bloggers how to make a blog. If I ever find the site, I’ll find the owner, and I’ll have him or her flogged for hours. Ladies, Gentlemen: it is not enough, to take a blogskin, slap it on a Blogger site, write a “100 things” list, and start blogging your life to have an interesting ego blog. And there seems to be a misconception, too – there is no law in the world that forces you to use purple and rose as your dominant colors if you are a female blogger.

Never the one to judge a book by its cover, I started digging deeper into “Are the Stars Out Tonight”, ignoring for a while the choice of colors, beginning with “feather boa”s Top 100. There’s only so much to be learned from such a list, but as the interested visitor, I am, I now know, that she is a 21 year old, British, bi-sexual glockenspiel player, with an IQ of 174 and size 32B breasts. Did I really need to know this much?

Reading through her journal, I’d discover more about feather boa. One of the cooler things about her blog is a cast list, handy for understanding the who-is-who in her writings, I perused it quite often. The entries are, expectedly, very personal and ego-centered, and cover vomiting after a a night out as well as heart breaks, the dating world, and what else ever a 21 year old girl could find interesting.

Like so many other ego-blogs, featherboa is, in a sense, a therapeutic activity. If you’re into this kind of thing, a deep dive into someone else’s mind, you’ve come to the right place, baby. For me, it always feels a bit like voyeurism, but this blog was at least nicely read voyeurism.are the stars out tonight

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