Review 2205

The title, The Rusty Scalpel of Atropos, had me expecting cutting writing and a dark, sinister design, but delivered a standard Blogger template with no external links. With a weblog like this, that consists of only the writing, that writing really needs to be something special…

I found one or two posts that were well worth reading. “Be seeing you” was one very recent post that I even considered brave, and made me want to read on to find more like it. However, after reading back through the archives, most posts were just personal accounts, opinions or lists, often of things that annoyed the author.

I would have preferred a layout that reflected the title more, or even allowed us to understand the title in more depth than the brief side description gives us: “Some may think I’m bitter. Or unfulfilled perhaps. I don’t care, I’ve got my rusty scalpel.” [I think I need to watch out!]. I am aware of how difficult it is to customise templates or code your own, but I think that it would be worth personalising the layout in some way, as at the moment it does nothing for those few posts that shine.

One of the first things I noticed was that the archives are arranged under the titles “week 1, week 2” etc. I liked this as it made me want to go right back to week one and see how the site had begun. If the whole site could be given this attention to detail and made that little bit different to everything else out there, it would be more enjoyable to visit.

Due to the lack of content, this website just doesn’t feel complete to me. For anyone who is prepared to spend time searching the archives for those higher than average posts then it would be worth a visit. As it stands now, it just doesn’t have that something extra to pull you back. The Rusty Scalpel Of Atropos