Review 2194

“I find these truths to be self-evident. But, then again, I could be wrong.” This saying is at the top of the site, and I noticed it right away. And right away, I really liked the way it sounded and even said it aloud a few time. This same quote is also the very first entry of this weblog. was off to a great start with me.

The second thing I noticed? The overall design of the site. I’m going to assume the design is an original one done by or for the author of this weblog, and it’s a very lovely one at that. The boldness dark red background is mollified by the patterned quilt-square looking border around the actual weblog content.

And then, I thought I’d actually read the weblog. The second post on the entire weblog shares the story of how Katy met her best friend over forty years ago. By reading it, you’d think it was something she watched happen just the other day. With the way Katy writes, the memories she chooses to share seem like they happened just yesterday or if it was happening right before her very eyes at that particular moment in time. The descriptions she gives and words she uses give you the exact picture you need to see just what she’s writing about.

It’s not all past memories, though. Katy’s got a sharp wit that makes you laugh out loud while reading some entries. Her son’s inaugural speech he’s pre-written, yet another reason why we should all thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet, and trying on a thong after losing so much weight were a few of my personal favorites. I have no doubt that anyone that stumbles upon this site will have the same luck in finding something that strikes their sense of humor.

You know what I like? If you’ve ever read any of my reviews, you know I like “About the Author” sections. No matter how boring or inglorious it might be, I never get tired of being able to get just a little bit of an idea about the person behind all of the journal entries I’m reading. While the weblog entries alone gave me more information about this author then nearly any “About the Author” section ever could, most readers won’t start from the beginning and find out as much as I was able to.

This is a real site. By real, I mean genuine and sincere. Tales of motherhood and friendship, bits of news and entertainment, or anything else Katy decides to post just seems to fit perfectly for the site, the site content, and everything else. I really think the majority of the weblog readers out there can find something, at least one thing, they can relate to with I’d certainly recommend giving it a shot.

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