Review 2047

I generally am not overly fond of splash screens. However, the splash screen at is simple and not flashy and gives the basics for an optimum viewing experience. In this case, I’d say it’s warranted and prepares readers for an otherworldly experience with the Ohm symbol and the quote “enter freedom from the known.” With that, I was expecting an interesting read.

Unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of entries to review. There are exactly eight entries, all of which are really short and not particularly interesting. I have a feeling there’s more to the story than what the writer writes, but we only get to hear about the surface of things. I really want to like this blog because the layout is so nice but there isn’t much going on.

Yes, the layout is gorgeous. The navigation is a little tricky, however – the numbers to the right of the very small window for blogging text are the navigational buttons. In order to figure out where you’re going you have to read the alternative text. I might recommend re-doing the layout slightly to make the text space slightly bigger, as it seems slightly out of whack with the rest of the layout. And why do we visit blogs? To read them, of course! I’m of the opinion that the text should be the real focus. has an “about me” page, brief page with photos, a page with a bit of religious philosophy, a links page, and a guestbook. He’s also got a link to something that promises easy money. Well, OK.

I doubt I would make another visit to until there’s more content. The layout is really wonderful, but there’s just not much there to read.


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