Review 2047

If there’s one thing I’m a big sucker for, it’s a site with a funky design. Max is a 20 year old college student who has very recently began studying different forms of religion. His weblog’s layout reflects this with the layout being referred to by Max as “version truth”, primarily based on the religious/spiritual teachings of J. Krishnamurti. More information on this can also be found in an additional portion of Liquidmax, which I found to be quite enlightening. The design is done all in different shades of oranges, which are complimented by a white background. It’s a small design, meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the browser, but it definitely gives the site a sleek appearance.

The navigation system used for the site may be a little tricky for some. Other than the normal words that would direct a reader to find a specific section of the site, Max uses just the numbers 1-6. While it does make for a nice clean look, it may not exactly be clear for some readers to know where to click to find more information out on this site.

Whether the site is really this new or if it’s due to a technical problem, the site lacked archives. With only eight entries made onto the site, it made it very difficult to give a fair rating. I can tell by other portions of the site that Max is an excellent writer, and has great opinions on a barrage of different topics. Eventually, I can see this becoming a great weblog with the types of entries that make people come back to see how their opinions match up with Max’s.


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