Review 2045

First impression? I have no idea what to expect. The website is called Demonblog. I almost think I should be scared.

I read the very thorough “personal” section of the site to get to know the author before diving into weblog, and was glad I did. I learned a lot of information about Marcus, our weblog author, and immediately looked forward to reading more about his life in the Demonblog.

The site design is very … white. With white and black being the only colors used in the design scheme, one would expect the appearance to very dull. However, in this case, Marcus has used the shadowing tool in Photoshop to make the site design a little less boring.

One of my favorite features of the site is a random quote listed between each weblog entry. From lots by Robin Williams quotes to Denis Leary’s perils of wisdom, these random quotes add a bit of good humor to the site.

The posts themselves are also quite entertaining. The majority of the posts involve Marcus giving us the latest information on what’s going on in his life, whether it’s going out on the town or his thoughts and opinions on what’s going on in the world on a national or worldwide level. Just from reading his posts, Marcus portrays himself as being quite worldly and intelligent, so it makes reading things through Marcus’ eyes more entertaining and seem more real.

Another highlight of this site for me was the link to “games” at the top of the site. I played a little mini-golf, which I really sucked at, but Marcus has several links to flash games that can certainly provide hours of entertainment.
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