Review 2044

There’s not much to the weblog portion of this website. From the end of September, there are only about a dozen entries. None of these entries are extremely in depth, with the longest and most heartfelt one being a brief review of the movie Jackass.

Aside from the brief weblog, there’s also a very well put together photo gallery, a separate portion for rants and raves, and a section called “Cult of Mac”. The ranting and raving portion of the site is by far the most opinionated part of the site, and it’s really the only place where you can really read how Sean feels about certain topics. From the available rants and raves, Sean covers everything from girlfriends to the saga in the Middle East to anything and everything technology-related.

Overall, the writing is just okay. There were too many grammatical and spelling errors for me to say it was anything better than that. This is another place where the lack of entries hurt any type of rating I could have give Sean.

The updates don’t come as often as they probably should to keep a steady stream of visitors coming back to the site.

The layout of the site is nice. The navigation menu on the upper left hand side of the site is very slick. The sidebar of links is also a nice touch and lets readers see what Sean is currently reading and listening to. The design is very clean.

This isn’t a terrible site. In order for it to be a great site, however, I needed to see more quality AND more quantity. Once that happens, this could definitely be a site worth visiting.