Review 2043

Do you have any 7’s. No. Go Fish. That is what I was expecting when I went to visit this site. But of course, I was not given what I expected.

Instead we are given a good cross between what I would say is a weblog and what I would consider a diary. The site focuses on the daily life of the writer. Her rants, her raves, the good, the bad; it is all there.

The site reads like that of a good magazine. You can start anywhere you want, and find a good entry. This site doesn’t require you to go back to day one to know what is going on. Instead you can just pick up where the weblog is, and you will be satisfied.

The design of the site is very well done with only a couple minor complaints. The background of the site is a darker shade of blue, and uses black text which can somewhat blend in after long periods of reading the site. One thing that she does well with her design is that all of her webrings are under a sub-menu called rings. They are not randomly placed, but rather strategically placed which makes the site look good.

Over all you have a good site that is very easy to pick up. The author knows where she wants her site to go, and is taking it there. The design is original, and works well for the site. So now is your chance to start reading a site that doesn’t require any buildup.
Go Fish