Review 2043

When I find myself saying “Holy crap, me too!” in the three paragraphs of the first entry I read on a weblog, I know it’s gotta be a good one.

Instantly, I liked the design of the site. It’s somewhat simple, yet it’s effective and works well with the site. The blue that’s used for the background give the site a bold, yet not overly bright look, and the goldfish image that’s used is perfect for the site. A great navigation system thrown into the mix makes the overall appearance of this site one I’m definitely impressed with.

The first entry of the site wasn’t the only one I felt connected with. The way Nicole writes combined with the general type of person she seems to be through reading about her daily life makes me feel some type of a connect with this writer. And I don’t think I’m the only one that this applies to.

I like the “cast” section of the weblog. One thing about beginning to read a brand new weblog is having no idea who the heck the writer is talking about. Sure, the author knows exactly who it is and perhaps those that have been regularly following the weblog also have an idea. For those of us just discovering Go Fish, the brief explanations of each “cast member” help us grasp a better understanding of who Nicole refers to.

The archives of this site goes all the way back to April 2002, and Nicole does a very consistent job of posting entries regularly enough to make people come back on a daily, if not more frequent, basis.

After thorough consideration, I couldn’t find a reason not to give Go Fish a 5.0 rating. Keeping that in mind, I’d certainly recommend anyone stopping by this site and reading what Nicole’s up to for the day. I bet you find yourself as entertained and nearly addicted as I did.

Go Fish