Review 2035

My first impression of the site was that it looks like a lot of love and hard work has gone into making it look presentable. This really made me want to read what the author had to say.
The thing that stood out most in my view is the subtle use of colour.

The weblog was filled with the author’s true emotions, if I closed my eyes I could feel as though I was actually in her shoes, which made her writing an excellent read.
The writing at times is so emotion filled that it actually sent chills down my spine, for example the entry titled “Dear Molester”.

The purpose of this weblog seems to be an emotional outlet, a place where Rebecka can write her thoughts and feelings and not be judged by those around her.

The design compliments the site nicely and doesn’t distract the eye from the weblog.
The design’s theme works perfectly with the weblog, the theme seems to be “No longer bottled up” much like the authors emotions.

There is also a page about the author, which doesn’t go into great detail but gives you enough information to grasp what she is like. There is also a link to another weblog, which I presume is by the same author.

Overall the site has a pretty average design which works as it is intended and has no errors.
However the writing is the main attraction.I would say this site is aimed at those who like to read others in-depth thoughts.
Rebeka’s Diary