Review 2110

Let me begin in saying that I honestly think the title “Keyboard Confessional” is a spectacular title for a web log; I just wish I’d have thought of it first.

The web log itself is an exceptional one because it showcases an author who can write, which is always a rare and huge plus in the web log world.

The design of the site is very simplistic and I find that refreshing. Anything overbearing would take away from the personality of the writer and would be detrimental to the overall feel at Keyboard Confessional.

The entries here range from everyday rants and revelations to a more in-depth conversation about life and the things it encourages and/or discourages.

Keyboard Confessional is worth your time, if you’re one who comes to a blog for it’s writing. It received a 4.0 from me because I found that although well written, it lacked that ever important charisma that keeps myself and others returning for more. I also didn’t find it very confessing as the title implies. And to not meet the complete expectations of that title is simply a crime. Overall, however, I found Keyboard Confessional to be a 5.0 hopeful and truly a good find.Keyboard Confessional