Review 2034

Initially upon looking at the site I thought it was going to be poorly written.
Nothing really stood out that would make me think this could be an interesting website.

I was pleasantly surprised when reading through his weblog to see that it wasn’t your average blog, it gives a detailed account of a Western man who has moved to Indonesia and the culture which he encounters whilst he is there.

Based on what I have read I can see that the point of the weblog is to detail the “Indonesian Experience” as the title itself suggests.

Each post is well thought out and has a clear point, I found the entries interesting and some of them amusing too.

I was disappointed with the design, it is merely a blogger template, which to my disappointment does not do the weblog itself justice.

The colours are unsightly and distract the eye from the weblog.

Other than the weblog there is nothing here to interest or attract readers. In a way this is good because it allows the reader to remain focused on the weblog not extra site features, however I feel some added information about the author wouldn’t go a miss.

Overall the writing is excellent with some useful and informative views, other than that there is little to interest readers.

I personally would say this site is aimed at 20+ however it could also interest those younger that are interested in culture.
indonesian experience