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Do some shopping, find out about when crustless Iron Kids bread is arriving at a store near you, what marathons are gonna be on tv next week … this is what you can find here at “Almost Ripe.”

Currently, there are not a lot of posts here, however from what was available to view, I think I got a pretty good idea and feel for the site.

“Almost Ripe” is ran by Ed Kaiser who is also the creator of GooShopping, a place you can go to if you’re in search of toys or memorabilia from movies, new and old tv shows and cartoons. In addition, he has “Almost Ripe” which is geared towards those with the same interests. The blog contains links to things going on and news regarding television, toys or anything “news worthy” related to the topics at hand. Like when your local Weinerschnitzel is giving away free chili dogs or when a new movie’s in the works.

The layout is a Blogger template which is okay. However, I think it could use a different layout, maybe something a little sleeker would work nice and be a little cleaner looking. But it currently is fine.

I think this site is at a good start and will definitely be going strong in a few months. It’s a good topic to have a blog about and it’s great for those who are into collecting toys and memorabilia.Almost Ripe

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