Review 1629

Hmmm….is it Monkeyface or is it really Moneyface? It seems the author has decided to rant about credit card companies today. There’s a whole lot of money talk and I was beginning to fret that the whole blog would be about money and other financial things. I was freaking out to tell you the truth because although the entries were quite humorous and has gotten me to read more about money things than anything my bank can ever send me, I didn’t know quite how to review such a blog. So I was filled with bewilderment concerning my dilemma like never before.

Fortunately, as I scrolled down my patience was rewarded for it explained that money happens to be the topic for this week. Ah, I get it now, big heading at the top “Money” and the words “This week’s topic is MONEY” a few entries down, how could I have been so slow? It is times like these I think I may be mentally impeded. The concept is: different week, different topic. I’m liking that. I just hope that last week it wasn’t about politics. Excellent, it was the good old classy toilet paper. Monkeyface looks right to me once again.

So what do you get when a bunch of guys go with a name like “Monkeyface”? You get good wholesome blog entertainment, fit to show your own mother. Each entry are as witty as the next, well written and insightful pertaining to that week’s topic. This group blog also uses groovy cartoon creatures unique to each different author so that the reader can easily identify which author has written which entry.

The website design is simple and clean, the green and white colour theme works well and it makes the blog very easy to read. There isn’t a monkey’s face or any part of a monkey anywhere in sight, but there is green and leaves are green, trees have them and monkeys live in trees so it’s alright, crisis over.

This is a gold nugget of a blog and I’d definitely visit it again. The concept behind it is awesome and the content is well worth the read. I can’t wait to see what next week’s topic is…..I hope it’s something like beef or mouthwash to undo the terrible aftertaste of money….monkeyface