Review 1537

The title and slogan of this website go like this: “A Blog of Infinite Power – Don’t be offended, he’s offended FOR you”. Now, while “infinite power” might be pushing it a bit, there is a nearly infinite supply of external links to all

The layout’s just one of the standard Blogger templates, so it’s nothing that stands out. The menu bar to the side has even more links to entertain and inform you.

Sites that belong in the news/links category are difficult to review. Does the author just throw links up that you could find anywhere? Not here. I’m was honestly impressed by the variety and uniqueness with the large number of links that are posted at a time. The author uses just a brief witty explanation to pique your curiousity enough to get you to click the link, which is exactly what a site like this SHOULD do.

Why did I give this site a higher than average rating? The 4.0 is based mainly on the fact that these links come from ALL over the board. I’ve done my fair share of internet surfing over the years, and had never been to any of the links that I found at this site. It’s definitely a wonderful site to visit if you’re looking for an interesting way to pass time. Melton Bing

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