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In the wide world of weblogs, it doesn’t really get much better.

The current design is very nice to look at it. The simple, conservative use of lines, boxes and as few images as possible really give the entire layout a very clean presence. Of course, Paige has the “About the Author” section which gives us a little more insight into her, a section devoted to “Vegan Recipes”, an obligatory “Links” section leading us to different weblogs she reads, and a couple of links directing the reader to where they can find out what Paige is reading or listening to.

On a personal note, I could effortlessly connect with some of her latest posts about starting her new job. Reading the way Paige describes learning everything you need to know at a new job and beginning to wonder if her new job is too good to be true are both situations I’ve experienced right around the same time she was writing about them, so I felt exceptionally drawn into this weblog.

While other readers may not find the same connection I did with specific entries, it’s simple to believe that nearly any demographic – male, female, younger, or older – will be able to relate in some fashion to the variety of posts Paige gives us about her daily life.

As I’ve said about The Book of Paige before, which still holds true three months after my last review of this site, the author only adds another entry in when she has something to say. Sometimes this is every day, but other times, there may be a few days between posts. Taking this route makes the majority of the entries more than just one or two lines long, but absolutely worth reading.

Aside from giving the world something to read every single day, I honestly don’t know what else could be improved upon. This is the second time I’ve reviewed this site, and honestly wasn’t really sure what else Paige could have done to make it stand out from being better then it was the last time it was reviewed. Being able to make such a close connection with the author gave me no choice but to give an even higher rating than in the past. Just as before, I would recommend giving this site a once over, because honestly, there’s no reason not to.

The Book of Paige

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