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Reading the Book of Paige is like reading my own diary. This is one personal blog. Paige’s entries make her life sound so human; and almost anyone can relate to her past experiences. The self-deprecating moments in her blog (i.e. ‘Why I am an idiot’ episodes which can be found in her archives) puts a smile on your face, as it assures you that you are not the only one in the world to get bad days. Her writing is rather smooth and there’s a certain flow to her entries, allowing your eyes to just glide over the sentences. Paige is a very intelligent writer who doesn’t have any qualms on voicing out her thoughts, so you can expect really outspoken entries at times. I really love it when Paige sometimes teases the reader with entries with a really suspenseful head. (E.g. Entry dated 3 August 2002) It’s like eating while blindfolded. The anticipation! It’s fabulous!

Her site is rather well linked. There’s a good ‘about me’ page, which consists of basic details in Paige’s life (age not included. You NEVER ask a lady for her age, though you could probably catch a hint in Paige’s earlier entries), as well as some not-so-important information. For example: Paige is DIY-handicapped and spiders scare her to death. There are also the usual ‘link’ page and entries. Extras include links to her favourite books and music at, as well as a vegetarian recipe page to cater to lacto-ovo vegetarians like Paige. Bonus points goes to a good selection of links (e.g. Erotibonsai – A news article on a tree shaped like the more private parts of the human anatomy).

I love it when blog writers actually spend time on the blog’s design, even if the layout was not done by the writers’ themselves. This shows that they care enough about their writing to present it well. Paige’s layout did not create the layout but the design is very clean and, unlike most blogs, is rather tastefully done. There are almost no distracting elements in the design, so it’s pretty easy on the eyes. I would say that this design definitely suits Paige’s style of writing. I say, good choice!

This blog is a truly intelligent and delightful read, filled with subtle and sometimes cynical humour. It’s good for people who love well thought out entries and eloquent writing. One area of improvement is that she could probably add in an html code that enables a new window to pop up every time someone clicks on a link. The Book of Paige is updated once every few days so it’s a pretty good choice if you want to add this site to your regular ‘blog’ diet. Seriously, this is one blog which makes you crave for more. Once you start, you can’t stop.
The Book of Paige

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