Review 1232

Derek writes about nearly everything imaginable. Political ramblings that are often quite opinionated (which is a good thing), happenings in his personal life, the occassional technical/geeky tidbit of information, and many, many other topics are the subject matter at hand throughout the weblog. The way Derek writes is quite thought provoking, and typically will make you think about what you’ve just read, rather than just skimming over it and going to the next weblog.

I like going back to read an author’s very first available entry. Usually it gives an insight as to why they might have started blogging, and it seems as if Derek’s start to weblogging can be somewhat credited to his accidental discovery of Wil Wheaton’s weblog.

The design is based on a three column layout, and overall, has a very nice, clean appearance. I love the picture he uses at the top of the site. Navigating the site is easy, as well as finding lots of information Derek was filled the left and right columns with.

The site contains several different areas, all named after specific rooms of a house. “The Study” is the home of some of Derek’s original poetry. “My Back Yard” is a wonderful collection of some very nice photography that’s laid out in a very appealing format. “The Window”, of course, is his weblog. And appropriately enough, “The Guest Room” and “The Neighbors” house the guestbook and external links, respectively.

There’s an “about the author” section and a section about the site. This is a very complete, well designed and well organized site.The Window

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