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The random number ‘168’ for the title of a weblog: clever, mysterious and technical at the same time. The author of this extensive site is Yazid. He is a fourteen year old who was born and raised in Brunei. This country is in Southeastern Asia, bordering the South China Sea and Malaysia. Yazid started blogging last year October when his current site was born. As he writes in his very first entry, “..And here, thy one.sixty.eight thoughts was born, to reek havoc through-out the cyber world…” This site looks good and is a pleasure to read, providing a refreshing break from all the usual blah-blah weblogs, via the thoughts and actions of Yazid himself.

In no time at all he has collected quite a number of detailed entries covering just about every aspect of his life. Yazid’s favorite thing to do in the weekend is what he calls “slack” around. If you are wondering what this means exactly, I quote from an entry titled: Just another episode in the mall. “Boredom kicked in and everyone thought it would be a good idea to go to the arcade. so played a few rounds. got out, and out of nothing-to-do-ness, we all went back to play a few rounds of pool again. we all agreed whoever lost the game would pay for the table.” This is not a typical entry, but to be honest there is no typical entry to be found as each one comes and goes in its own unique way.

What does a fourteen year old write about? Well this weblog provides pretty much a complete answer to that question. You might say that his many words and sentences span the complete spectrum of emotions form extreme boredom, to being head-over-heals in love, to producing social comments about this or that. An advertisement for Wendy’s, a book he saw, why he thinks that James Bond is the coolest guy out there, getting pissed off on a flight, those sort of things. Sometimes Yazid can come across as a bit too much fixated on the opposite sex, but what do you expect from a young healthy male at that age?

The value of ‘168’ is after all not that random, I would say. This very readable weblog proves this fact. If you do not understand what this means, then I recommend highly just having a look here to see if you can discover why ‘168’ is not any other kind of number. Hey Yazid, keep up the good work.WtF

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