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A journey. By reading this weblog, I felt as if I’d been in the backseat of this journey that the author’s life has taken over the course of the last 10 months. Keeping this in mind, Tricia has very appropriately named her website “A Spiritual Journey”.

Focused mainly on her personal life and the events that invoke her daily feelings, Tricia spends a lot of time spilling her thoughts out onto this weblog. She’s a single mom with two young boys (which are both extremely handsome!), and shares the pains and the joys that make her life what it is to her.

Currently, Tricia’s going through an analyzation of each of the 7 Deadly Sins and how they play out in her daily life. It’s no easy task, but undoubtedly a self-fulfilling one. My favorite post out of the entire weblog was this one – a resume of her heart, complete with professional experience, accomplishments, and even an objective.

At first, I thought the dark green background with light yellow text would be a hindrance to read, but soon grew attached to it. I even flipped through the other skins of the site, which all worked well with the site as a whole, but kept coming back to the default one.

The site is very extensive, which is a good thing. There’s a complete “about the author” section, some wonderful thoughts on motherhood, and you can learn quite a bit about Wicca and paganism.

This is a good site to come back to if you’re looking to add a site to your list of daily reads, and definitely worth at least one look to see if it’s “your type”.A Spiritual Journey || Magickal Musings

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