Review 1226

I was taken back by the grey!! I was surprised! You don’t see many grey blogs around! I liked the picture there, and the fact that everything was in nice little boxes, so it was clear to see exactly what this blog has!

The blog is a mixture of songs to listen too, quizzes that have been taken with some personal stuff thrown into the bag for good measure!!! It contains the tales of her over 30 girlfriend and a mention of work, as well as a couple of calls for help for information!!

The site is well laid out, and you can separate the main blog from all the links. There is a bio to give you a little more information, and the blog is part of a bigger site. There is plenty to see and some of the links appear in pop up boxes so that you do not stray from the main content.

This is a nice little site, and has various posts and many things to see here via the numerous links. The personal stories are quite small, though they do make good reading. redsugar

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