Review 1083

It’s dude! Yeah!

The first thing that catches my eye, are moving items, and the word dude. The design is not flattering, and would send most people to the back button quickly. Everything is kind of thrown up in this odd mishmash, and there are broken links for images. The color scheme is off, and hard on the eyes. It was hard to read through much of the front page. The archives are set at a black and white plain default which makes them easier to read, but breaks the continuity of the site itself.

I thought for sure that inside of this old school design there might be words of wisdom, posts of reflection and thoughts deeper than accounts of daily life. It boils down to mostly daily life accounts, which really get boring after the first ten posts. You do get a more personal glimpse as you look at the Blogger Insider posts, but it mostly reads like your typical teenage weblog. Please understand that Al is not a teenager. I wish I could say there was something about this site that would bring me back again, but there isn’t.