Review 1222

Nice purple colours, nice big picture and lots of text!!! Text nicely on a purple background to make it easy to see, links all to the left. Oh, I liked the look of this!!! I am expecting a personal site and hoping for gossip!!

Oh dear, she is having a rough time of things at the moment, and tells you just how bad things are, but in such a way, that you cannot help smiling!! You can relate to what she says about people ganging up to get you! The blog is well written and very personal giving you a true insight as to what is in this girls head. You feel as though you actually get to know here as you read through the entries.

This is a well thought out blog, but my only worry was, and it could just be me, was that when I followed links to the bio etc, I could not get straight back to the blog! I landed up hitting the back button the whole time!
There is alot of information on this site, and I get the impression that M has put alot of thought into the content of this blog. You can find out all you need to know about her! You get plenty of chance to see her too with her large collection of photos!

If you want to find yourself a site where you can get to know someone online, then this is the site for you! There is loads of background information, pictures and real life stories of where she is every other day! The site is well designed with the purple theme running throughout. I did not visit all the links and there were quite a few, but they are clearly sectioned!

I really enjoyed reviewing this, and I think it is a site that will suit anyone that, like me, is nosey!! I enjoyed my visit here and am already wishing M luck with her job interview and sorting out her cable!! I think this is worth a visit!!! Very enjoyable!given . eyes . to . see

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