Review 1105

Ah nutz. Where to begin with this site? How about the design of it, since that caught me way off guard. Ok, first thing that loads up is a picnic type tablecloth background. Blue and white crisscross pattern. For most of reading the site, this became a nuance as I swear I kept seeing thing outside of the center box with the weblog in it.

So now onto the weblog. This weblog is written by a male in the UK. Some of the things he writes make it very obvious he is from there, and I almost heard my thoughts in an English Accent. (yes I am from the USA) This fact, at first, made it harder for me to connect with the author. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a common ground with him and his current postings.

So I went back to how it all started and read the weblog backwards. This makes me wonder why the weblog tools don’t give the authors an option to post two copies, one in chronilogical order and one in reverse. But back to the weblog. Starting at the beginning put me back on ground with the author. Same things he was going through, I went through. It is interesting if you see where someone started from, you can have a better view point than if you jump in the middle.

This weblog is just an average weblog though. There is nothing over the top, and nothing that is bad. It fits nicely in that niche that some people will like it and other won’t. It won’t have a majority ruling one way or the other, and that is fine.

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